Requirements for legalization of a Statements In-Lieu Non- Impediment to Marriage Abroad

To legalize a Statements in Lieu Non- Impediment to Marriage Abroad the following documents must be submitted to the Consular section of the Embassy:


  • A declaration addressed to the Consular Section with a request to legalize Statements in Lieu Certificate Non- Impediment to Marriage Abroad which should be dated and signed by the applicant
  • A Notice of Search Marriage issues by the Ministry of Government Services, Office of the Registrar General
    • Must be authenticated by the Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada (Authentication and Service of Documents Section) before submitting to the Embassy
  • For Canadian Citizens- copy of your citizenship certificate
  • For citizens of other countries- copy of your passport’s main page
  • Fee for legalization: 10 USD paid to the Embassy of the Republic of Azerbaijan as a money order only.
  • A prepaid return envelope

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