Determination of Citizenship

Determination of citizenship of the Republic of Azerbaijan is regulated by the Rules for Determining the Citizenship of the Republic of Azerbaijan approved by Resolution 84 of the Cabinet of Ministers on March 18, 2015.

Citizens of the Republic of Azerbaijan residing in Canada can apply to the Embassy of the Republic of Azerbaijan with respect to determination of citizenship. The process of determination of citizenship is initiated when a person does not have documents confirming his/her RA citizenship, or when there are reasonable doubts that citizenship documents have been received illegally.

Documents accepted for implementation by the Embassy are sent to the State Migration Service. The State Migration Service checks the compliance of the request with the requirements set out in the above-mentioned rules and makes an appropriate decision within 20 days from the date of registration of the request submitted in accordance with these requirements. If the request for determining the citizenship of the Republic of Azerbaijan is not submitted in compliance with these rules, as well as if the collected evidence is insufficient and additional evidence needs to be collected, the period may be extended to 20 days by a reasoned decision of the State Migration Service.

Required documents

  • Request letter (download);
  • Completed application form (download)
  • Copy of passport or other identity document (in case this document is not available, relevant document which indicates such information);
  • Copy of birth certificate (in case this document is not available, relevant document which indicates such information);
  • Copy of identity documents of the minor’s parents;
  • 2 photos 3x4 cm, in color.


  • 10 USD. Only money orders are accepted. Please, make the payment to the order of the Embassy of Azerbaijan;
  • Important notice: No money orders issued by Canada Post are accepted.

How to apply

  • Please, note that the Embassy accepts applications for determination of citizenship via mail only. The request must include a prepaid return envelope (Express Mail, FedEx, UPS or DHL). The applicants are provided with a written answer for their application. The Embassy of Azerbaijan does not assume any responsibility for the loss postal delivery. As the Embassy does not keep tracking numbers of your mail, you are advised to keep a record of it in order to track your mail package returning to you. Please, send all the above-mentioned required documents to:

Embassy of Azerbaijan
275 Slater Street, Suite 1203

Ottawa, Ontario K1P 5H9

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