Private Visit Visa

Private visit visa is issued to foreigners and stateless persons entering the Republic of Azerbaijan upon invitation of a citizen of the Republic of Azerbaijan, a foreigner or stateless persons permanently residing in the Republic of Azerbaijan, a labor migrant holding a temporary residence permit or a foreigner or stateless person who gets education (only for the family members of labor migrant or the foreigner and stateless person who gets education), registered by the relevant executive authority.

Required documents

1. Completed visa application form. Please click here to download

2. Passport (both original and copy)

  • Passport must be valid passport be valid at least three months beyond the dates of your trip.
  • Non-Canadian citizens must submit a valid permanent resident card (PR).

3. Two passport sized photos.

  • Photos must be taken within the last 6 months to reflect the current appearance.
  • Colored photos must be full face and white background.

4. Invitation from the receiving party

  • The receiving party must send the invitation through Consular Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Azerbaijan.
  • The receiving party may contact the Consular Department of Ministry of Foreign Affairs for additional information. Address: 4 Shikhali Gurbanov Str., Baku, AZ 1009. For inquiries please call +994507600663.

5. Visa fee

  • 350 USD for Canadian citizens. For other nationalities see here.
  • Only money orders, bank cashier’s (certified check) and company checks are accepted. Please, make the payment to the order of the Embassy of Azerbaijan. Important notice: No money orders issued by ScotiaBank are accepted.

6. Copy of a document confirming full vaccination against COVID-19 or immunity to COVID-19

  • Visa applicants over 18 must have a COVID-19 passport (or a document confirming full vaccination against COVID-19 or immunity to COVID-19). 
  • The following persons are exempt from submitting document confirming full vaccination against COVID-19 or immunity to COVID-19:
    • Passengers whose close relatives are citizens of the Republic of Azerbaijan (husband, wife, children, parents, siblings, grandparents and grandchildren), including family members of such persons (husband, wife, parents, children) – are required to confirm the degree of kinship on the basis of a document;
    • Diplomatic passport holders, heads of diplomatic missions and consulates of foreign countries in the Republic of Azerbaijan, employees and their families;
    • Foreigners and stateless persons with work permits in the Republic of Azerbaijan, foreigners and stateless persons with temporary or permanent residence permits in the Republic of Azerbaijan and their family members (wife, husband, parents, children under 18, as well as children with disabilities over 18) – are required to provide relevant supporting documents.

7. Negative COVID-19 test (PCR).

  • A rapid result test will NOT be accepted for entry; it must be a PCR test. A negative COVID-19 test result must be issued up to 72 hours ahead of the flight to Azerbaijan for passengers over 1 year of age. A QR code is NOT required on the negative COVID-19 test results, but the presence of such a QR will facilitate faster processing on arrival in Baku.  Negative COVID-19 tests may also be required to depart Azerbaijan, if required by the destination country.

Important notice

  • Please, note that the Consular section of the Embassy accepts visa applications via mail only. The request must include a prepaid postage return envelope (Express Mail, FedEx, UPS or DHL). The Embassy of Azerbaijan does not assume any responsibility for the loss postal delivery. As the Embassy does not keep tracking numbers of your mail, you are advised to keep a record of it in way to track your passport's return to you. Please send all the above-mentioned required documents to:

Embassy of Azerbaijan
275 Slater Street, Suite 1203
Ottawa, Ontario K1P 5H9

  • Only complete applications can be accepted. The Embassy reserves the right to request for additional documents/information not mentioned in the list above upon the application.
  • Foreigners and stateless persons temporarily staying in the Republic of Azerbaijan for a period of more than 15 days must get registered upon place of stay. For more information:

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