Request for Citizenship Approval

Identification of the citizenship of the Republic of Azerbaijan


The following documents should be submitted to examine the citizenship of the Republic of Azerbaijan on the basis of the application of an individual’s residing abroad:


  1. Letter of request form- sorğu vərəqi- 1 set
  2. Passport sized colourful photo 3x4 - 2 pieces;
  3. Letter of request
  4. Copy of passport or any types of Identification documents- notarized
  5. Proof of applicant’s status in Canada
  6. 10 USD money order. "Pay to the order of: Embassy of Azerbaijan Republic".


The following documents must be submitted to individuals with citizenship of the Azerbaijan Republic (or the Azerbaijani SSR)  until the effective date of the Law of the Republic of Azerbaijan "On Citizenship of the Republic of Azerbaijan" (October 7, 1998):


  1. The document issued by the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Azerbaijan on registration of a place of residence in the Republic of Azerbaijan (up to October 7, 1998) ; (with indication of the date of registration of the person's place of residence and the date of registration);


  1. Copy of birth certificate (in the absence of this document, the relevant document containing the information)


Copies of individuals’ identity cards under the age of 18 (notarized);

For refugee, copy of their document certifying their status (notarized).

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