Passport issues

You need to make an appointment in order to renew passport and bring the following documents with you to the appointment.

  1. The Azerbaijani passport itself
  2. Photocopy of the passport’s main page
  3. A letter of request (you include your full name, what you are requesting for, address in Canada, phone number, status in Canada, signature, date and a reference (a person who is currently in Azerbaijan, their full name, their address and phone number) (letter of request form)
  4. Original piece of your Azerbaijani identification card (sexsiyet vesiqesi) and 2 copies of it
  5. Passport’s pictures in colour , 3 by 4 size, 4 pieces (persons over 18 years of age and if applied for the first time, the photos must be notarized)
  6. Original piece of a document that proves your status in Canada (either it is PR, Canadian passport, Canadian citizenship card, work/study permit) and 2 copies of it
  7. Completed application form (the form must be written in Latin in Azerbaijani) (application form)
  8. Original piece of Military ID for men aged 18-35 (or notarized copy of its all pages) or a certificate of attachment to a conscription station with a note from the military commissariat on the right to deferment.
  9. Completed “Registration form of a citizen of the Republic of Azerbaijan permanently residing abroad” (registration form)
  10. $25 USD money order payable to the Embassy of Azerbaijan in Canada
  11. 40 AZN Manat paid in Baku. Note: Electronic payment of state duty can be done by entering into the "Electronic Payment for State Duties, Fines and Service Fees" in the AR Interior Ministry's official website ( or ( or by asking a relative in Azerbaijan to pay those fees in person. The important is that the applicant detains the receipt confirming the payment in order to add it to his / her application. If the Passport is lost or damaged, the fee will be 50 AZN Manat.”
  12. Prepaid return envelope

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